Content report

Insight into activity within an Omny Organization or Network. Number of clips uploaded, ad markers, duration, prefix, and volume levelling.

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This report helps you answer questions about the publishing activity in an organization or network within the desired timeframe.

For a walkthrough, please see this video or watch it below.

Users with 'content' user permissions at the organization or network-level can see the 'reports' menu on the left sidebar as seen here:

Click the menu item in order to gain access to the content report tool.

You can select from the following filters in the Content Report user interface.

  • Network filter - select the relevant Network (if running the report at the Organization level) or select all networks (by default) at the organization level.

  • Clip created date filter - filter clips based on when they were first created in Omny Studio

  • Clip visibility filter - choose whether you'd like to run the report for public, unlisted, restricted (add-on) and/or private clips.

  • Clip duration filter - select from the presets in order to filter based on the length of the clip or use the custom button to create a custom duration filter.


By program (each program is listed on its own row) you can see the total number of clips created (uploaded) in the selected timeframe, of the selected type, and duration.

Hover over the i icon for the 'Average clip duration' value to see the minimum and maximum duration from among those clips.

The Recordings column

This shows the number of recordings created (if a Recording Agent is configured to record this program) during the date range selected.

Active playlists

This indicates the number of playlists in the program that had clips added to them during the selected date range.


This section shows you total clips, sortable by ascending or descending. Transcripts shows how many transcripts were generated during the selected date range. Transcript duration shows the total time transcribed.

Please note that deleted transcripts will not show up.


This section shows information regarding your use of Headliner to generate audiograms, social media video. The fields are similar to transcription.


This section is valuable for ensuring your making the most of your available ad inventory and monetization potential.

For more about setting ad markers in your clips and applying defaults, please see this guide.

Export to CSV

All of the data displayed in the content report tool can be exported to CSV for further analysis by clicking the 'export to CSV' button on the top right.

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