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Automatic transcription
Automatic transcription

Transcribe all clips in your program, network or organization

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Please note: misconfiguration of this feature could cause an unwanted spike in your bill. Please proceed with caution.

Also note: automatic transcription only applies to newly published clips and also does not apply to imported clips. If you need to transcribe your back-catalog please contact support.

Introducing automatic transcription

It's possible to transcribe all clips in your organization, network or program automatically. In order to activate automatic transcriptions for your organization, you need to first have transcriptions added to your plan and have organization-settings access.

If that's all ticked off then read below for instructions and an explanation of how this feature works.

Activating automatic transcriptions

Navigate to organization settings - automatic transcription

Click 'enable automatic transcription for your organization' and you will be presented with the following options:

  • Enforce setting across this organization

    This will disable the ability to customise settings at the network or program-levels. Users at those levels trying to customise the automatic transcipt settings will be presented with this warning.

  • Automatically transcribe all clips

    This enables auto-transcription for the selected clip visibilities configured below.

    • Publish transcript automatically after generation

      This will publish the transcripts to your pages, consumer API and you will have the option to use the Omny Studio transcript embed player.

    • Transcribe clips matching visibility (private, unlisted, public)

      Only clips that match the selected visibilities will be transcribed.

  • Automatically transcribe all recordings

    If you use Omny Studio's recording agent functionality for your radio station, you can optionally transcribe all recordings as soon as the break is finished. Please note that if a recording is turned into a clip, the transcript will not come across and the resulting clip will need to be published separately.

  • Audio language

    Select from the supported languages that your provider offers.

  • Email notification

    Optionally be notified of every transcription once it's finished to an email address of your choice.

Disabling automatic transcriptions

Navigate to Organization settings > Automatic transcription and click Options > Disable automatic transcriptions for your organization.

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