Sometimes a publisher wants to keep a program in a private state, or make a previously public podcast private. Here's how to do this in Omny Studio.

1. Go to the playlist you want to make private, from Program > Playlists > the specific playlist.

3. Go to Details.

4. Select Private from the Publishing options.

5. Save your changes.

This will make the RSS feed for the playlist hidden, and prevent any further access to the files that were previously available from the RSS feed. Podcast apps will no longer be able to play episodes from that RSS feed. After a period of time (variable by podcast app) the podcast will be removed from podcast apps.

Block tags can also be placed on the RSS feed, this may increase the speed at which podcast apps remove the show's listing.

Note: Apple Podcasts allows you to remove a listing, using Podcasts Connect. Go to Availability for the podcast and select 'Don't make available'.

Also Spotify allow you to remove a listing. If you've submitted your podcast to Spotify via Omny, please get in touch with us and we can help. Otherwise please contact Spotify.

Note: Some podcast apps (namely Spotify and Apple Podcasts) cache the download links for episodes, so even if the RSS feed is no longer available, episodes can still be downloaded and played if they are available, so each episode would also have to be made private. Contact Support if you'd like this done across a number of episodes.

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