Change a program slug

A slug is the URL of a program's page.

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Omny Studio creates a page with a player, shownotes, and configurable subscribe links, for every episode, playlist and program we host. These are hosted on and you can see an example below.

You can change the address of your program's page from Omny Studio by changing the slug, and we explain how to do so, and the consequences, below.

1. Go to the program settings of the program you want to change the slug for.

2. You will see the current slug listed as above.

3. You can enter a new slug in this field.

4. You must save your changes on this page in order for the new slug to take effect.

5. This warning will appear that requires your confirmation of your slug change.

Any links to the page at the previous slug will be broken. Any embed players that have been placed (for any clip or playlist in this program) will be broken and need to be replaced by a new embed player.

Any social media, blog or other posts using an link with the previous slug will break.

Note: This will not change the RSS feed of any playlist under the program, podcast app distribution or availability will be unchanged.

Should you have any further questions about changing a slug, and the consequences for your particular situation, please reach out to us.

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