Facebook has rolled out a new podcast product that enables people in the U.S. to listen to podcasts directly on the Facebook app. Eligible podcast creators can now add their podcasts to their Facebook Pages for people in the U.S to discover, listen to and share with friends.

Podcasts is part of a series of social audio experiences coming to Facebook. With podcasts on Facebook, podcast creators can reach new fans, connect with listeners and grow their shows through a social experience that drives discovery and fandom. Highlights of this experience include:

  • Comments and reactions: Spark a discussion or see feedback on your content.Comments allow podcast creators to engage directly with their listeners and foster connections.

  • Podcast clips: Highlight favorite segments by creating snippets of episodes (less than30 seconds) and sharing them on Facebook.

  • Audio destination: A central place in the Facebook mobile app where people in the U.S. can discover and share audio content, including podcasts. Recommendations are curated based on popularity or personalized to a person’s interests. At this time, podcasts are available to all U.S. listeners on the Facebook app (mobile only). Facebook looks forward to launching to more markets in the future.

Eligibility requirements

To add your podcast on Facebook:

  • You must have a Facebook Page with at least one administrator. If you don’t have a Facebook Page, you can create one for your podcast show and then set the Page category to Podcast.

  • Your Facebook Page and administrators must be in good standing on Facebook. If you’re eligible, you can add your podcast to your Facebook Page by using your public RSS feed. Download the Podcasts on Facebook Quick Start Guide for detailed instructions. Once you’ve added your podcast on Facebook, tell your fans in the U.S.

  • You can use these images created by Facebook to announce the news on your social channels.

  • Remember to tell your U.S. listeners where your podcast episodes appear: on your Page, in the new central audio destination on Facebook and in News Feed on the Facebook mobile app.


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