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Advertising on podcasts in Omny Studio
Advertising on podcasts in Omny Studio

The options for running ads on your podcast/s

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When you host with Omny Studio you have access to two different forms of advertising you can choose to run on your show via Direct Ad Insertion.

These are Direct Sold and Programmatic. More on these two different, potentially complementary, advertising options below. But first, an explanation of Dynamic Ad Insertion:

Instead of producing a podcast episode where the content and the ads are all in the same file (baked-in ads), with Dynamic Ad Insertion you simply mark the spots in your podcast where an ad can be inserted.

That ad doesn’t have to be the same every time, and can change with the seasons (or ad campaigns). That ad can be ten seconds or five minutes — or the industry standard 15, 30 and 60 second ad units. It can be different depending on where the listener downloading the episode is located in the world, through geo-targeting. And… it doesn’t even have to be an ad.

You can use DAI tools such as Triton Digital’s Ad Server, Tap, to create markers for where pre-, mid- and post-roll ads or content can be inserted. But if there’s no content targeting those markers, then the podcast will just carry on seamlessly.

Direct Sold

These ads are created by you the publisher, or at least controlled by you if you get help with production. Beyond how they sound, you decide how much you will charge to run these ads (setting your own CPM).

And you decide where they will run, the targeting, such as:

  • Which ad markers

  • Which episodes

  • Which geography

Programmatic (pre-recorded)

These are ads that are placed through a market, or a third-party, such as Triton Digital's Yield-Op digital audio marketplace. These ads are pre-recorded, and created by (or for) advertisers. You cannot edit, alter, or preview the ad files.

The price for running these ads is determined through an auction process, and a publisher can set a hard and soft price floor for their inventory (impressions).

Targeting rules also allow for the publisher to determine how ads will be inserted, on:

  • Which ad markers

  • Which episodes

  • Which geography

But also, due to no previewing of the ad content being available:

  • Which ad (IAB) category the ads are from, or excluded from

  • The advertiser's domain

  • The ad frequency that it can be inserted.

Both Direct Sold and Programmatic ads can be utilised by publishers using Omny Studio at the same time. This allows for revenue maximization, usually with Programmatic filling unsold inventory, and inventory from downloads in geography that's not been sold Direct Sold (in-market, out-of-market).

For any further questions about advertising on your podcast/s in Omny Studio, please contact us.

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