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Consumption analytics from third-parties (Apple, Spotify, etc)
Consumption analytics from third-parties (Apple, Spotify, etc)

Explaining the differences

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Consumption analytics are available in Omny Studio, but only those generated by Verified Plays.

Verified plays are tracked listening sessions on supported players with at least 10 seconds of playback. By default, Omny Studio will track the amount of verified plays which occur via these players:

- Omny Studio embed clip players
- Omny Studio embed playlist players
- web players

Note that some devices and browsers are not compatible with consumption analytics which is unfortunately out of our control.

Verified plays are not generated from podcast apps such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify et al.

Consumption analytics from Apple, Spotify and others

Apple’s Podcast Connect provides consumption analytics only, and is not a replacement for, or measuring the same thing as, downloads in Omny Studio’s analytics. We advise that cross-comparison of Omny analytics with stats provided by Apple is not possible as these are not equivalent measurements.

Spotify for Podcasters dashboard provides 'starts' and 'listens' metrics, which are not directly comparable with Omny download metrics, which uses the download filtering methodology explained here.

We recommend publishers not to compare consumption data from these dashboards with download data with Omny Studio, which will diverge as expected, to avoid confusion.

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