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Moving between Omny organizations
Moving between Omny organizations
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Omny Studio allows a user account to have access to multiple organizations, and the ability to easily switch between them. Here's how.
1) Login to Omny Studio with a user account that has access to multiple organizations. To be invited to another org, please follow these steps.

2) Hover over the name of the organization you are currently in.

3) Click on 'Switch organization'.

4) Select the organization you'd like to switch to. The most recent organizations you've accessed will be displayed above the search bar, or you can use the search to find the correct organization.

5) Once you have switched to an organization you can tell the account you are in from the name in the top right.

Note: If you have Omny open in multiple tabs, with the same user account, it is recommended you close all but your primary tab to avoid any mistakes, as the organization name will still display the previously accessed organization, not the one your user account is currently logged into.

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