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Enabling two-factor authentication (2FA)
Enabling two-factor authentication (2FA)
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Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your Omny Studio account by requiring an additional code to be entered when logging in, after confirming your password.

To enable two-factor authentication (if it's not already required by your organization) just go to and click Enable under the Two-factor authentication (2FA) section.

On your next login to Omny Studio you will be prompted to setup 2FA. This requires the use of a Timed One-Time Password (TOTP) app.

Omny recommends:

To get started, you will be prompted to enable 2FA by scanning a QR code using the TOTP app of your choice:

If you have any issues scanning the QR code, enter the code displayed on-screen in the app your app of choice.

Once your app is linked, it will provide a 6-digit code for a limited amount of time. Enter that code and hit "Enable two-factor authentication" to login to your account.

When logging into Omny in future, you will be prompted to provide a time-based one-time password from your linked app.

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