Metadata in an HLS stream

Configuring your recording agent when using an HLS stream

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The Omny Studio live stream recording agent can be configured to work with an HLS stream.

This help article provides some guidance on the metadata that our recording agent will react to.

AAC files

The recording agent will currently only work with AAC files. We do not support TS files at the moment.

Metadata to start recordings based on a cuepoint

If you want to create recordings based on start/stop cue points, you can add metadata in the AAC files, and our recording agent will react to them. The recording agent will not look at metadata in the playlist and only metadata in the AAC files will be considered.

You will need to add record_action with a value of start as an ID3 tag to the AAC file. Our recording agent will then create a recording when it receives this and continue until a stop record action is found. Our recommendation is using start and stop events to create recordings that capture only the sections of the stream you would to use for podcasting.

If you are interested in setting up a HLS recording agent please contact us via support to arrange this as currently this isn't possible from the Omny Studio UI.

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