Geoblocking shows in Spotify

Restrict the availability of your shows to specific countries in Spotify.

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Omny Studio offers you the ability to determine the country or list of countries in which your podcast can be played in Spotify.

This feature leverages the <media:restriction> tag in the RSS feed, which is currently supported by Spotify. Other podcast listening apps may support this tag in the future without prior notice.

In this guide, we'll explain how to geoblock podcasts in Spotify via Omny Studio.

You can set this setting at the organization, network, program or playlist level, and use settings inheritance to enforce it across lover levels of settings.

Geoblocking shows at an Organization, Network or Program Level

1. Navigate to Organization (or Network/Program) settings > Content > Spotify geo-blocking:

2. By default, podcasts are available in all countries. Use the ‘Allow countries’ or ‘Block countries’ option to restrict your podcasts to specific countries:

3. Hit ‘Save changes’

4. You can enforce this setting across lower levels of settings by ticking the box below:

Geoblocking a show at a playlist level

1. Navigate to your playlist > Settings tab

2. Choose to inherit from parent settings, or customize the settings for this specific playlist:

3. If you choose to customize the settings, adjust the geoblocking options as needed:

Note: using this feature will also restrict the show in the same way in the Spotify for Podcasters catalog.

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