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Video publishing with Spotify and Apple
Video publishing with Spotify and Apple
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Podcasts hosted on Omny Studio have access to Spotify's video podcasting feature, allowing you to upload a video version of corresponding episodes directly to your Spotify for Podcasters portal. This guide will walk you through how to get the functionality setup and offer some options for how to setup your shows in Omny's for best results.

Important note: enabling video podcasting with Spotify requires your episodes/show on their platform to be cached. This means no analytics are reported back to Omny Studio or Triton's Podcast Metrics (if enabled) and you cannot insert dynamically inserted advertisements (programmatic or direct sold, if enabled).

We understand that Spotify caching the show linked to the video show may not be preferable or an option for some shows. You may want to consider creating a new program or playlist - essentially a duplicate of the original program - to be the video version of the show, specifically for Spotify.

If you choose to create a new and separate version of the show, to ensure the original version continues to be accessible for advertising and reporting analytics, Spotify recommends ensuring it has a title and description that clearly reflects it is for video consumption.

To turn your existing show/s into video versions on Spotify, follow the below steps:

Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts support video podcasts on their platform if you submit a video only RSS feed in Apple Podcasts Connect. Omny Studio do not currently support video RSS.

For the steps and additional details, please see

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