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If you're currently running your podcast feed through FeedBurner but you no longer want to, you can leave FeedBurner by following these steps.

The first thing you need to do is check what the original feed was that FeedBurner was configured with. Once your FeedBurner account is disabled, this will be the feed URL you will use instead of the FeedBurner address. 

Important: make sure that any plugins that are associated with your RSS feed or FeedBurner account, such as FeedSmith or PowerPress, are disabled before you take any further action. You can check this by entering the original feed URL (hint: that URL will most likely include the name of the hosting platform you're using) into a Web browser and hitting enter. If the address changes to a FeedBurner address once it loads, this means you've probably got a plugin redirecting the feed that you'll need to disable before you continue. 

Next, log in to your FeedBurner account and select the feed you want to change. Once you're in there, click "Edit Feed Details".

Check the "Original Feed" box. Make sure that this box contains the address of your "original" feed, which is where your FeedBurner address will redirect to when you disable the FeedBurner account. If you make any changes, make sure you click "Save Feed Details" before you proceed.

Important: Only change the "Original Feed" URL if you have previously redirected to a different host and are already using the new feed URL. 

Now it's time to delete your FeedBurner feed. Click on "Delete Feed" next to "Edit Feed Details". 

Tick the box that says "With permanent redirection" and click "Delete Feed." 

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