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On-Premise Installation FAQs

FAQs for On-Premise recording agent installations

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Most of the time, installation of the on-premise recording agents goes smoothly but here are a few FAQs people have encountered.

Selecting an audio source causes the application to crash

The installer has been downloaded, and run successfully but selecting an input device causes the application to crash.

When this happens there's usually one of two things that can be causing the application to crash.

1) The microphone might not be installed correctly

Solution: Check that the microphone works and re-install the microphone if required.

2) The application doesn't have the required permissions to use the microphone

Solution: On newer versions of Windows, the Microphone access setting needs to be enabled for the installer to use the microphone. This varies for Windows versions but if you go to Settings -> Privacy & security -> Microphone, the Microphone access setting needs to be turned on. This will allow the installer to use the microphone when selected.

If you have any problems with installation, please contact


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