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Cross-program playlist sharing
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For more detail on playlist auto-add rules, and how they can be used to share episodes between programs, please see this article.

It is possible to combine content from multiple “shared” playlists from different programs in Omny Studio into an “aggregate” playlist. An example use of this feature would be to combine all of the RSS feeds from one particular radio station into a “best of station” aggregate RSS feed or playlist widget.

You can also add rules so that only clips with specific tags or titles are ingested by the aggregate playlist. Once set up correctly, users could use a specific tag on a clip and the clip would automatically be ingested by the aggregate playlist.

This help doc explores doing a ‘feed drop’ (sharing an episode from one program into other program/s), a shared playlist, creating an aggregate playlist and creating rules for automatic content sharing.

Enabling sharing on a playlist

1) Navigate to the playlist that you would like to be able to share clips from.

2) Click the “Details” tab of that playlist.

3) Scroll down to “Advanced settings” and click the box under "Share with other programs".

Note: This will make this playlist accessible to every program in your organisation.

4) Repeat this step for every playlist that you would like to be able to share from.

Creating an aggregate playlist

An “aggregate” playlist can ingest the clips of a “shared” playlist and you can set specific rules relating to the title, tag, description and/or published state as an additional filter.

1) Create a new playlist or select the playlist you would like to turn into an aggregate playlist.

2) Click “Configure auto-add” in the “Clips” section.

  • If you want all clips from your shared playlists to be ingested by the aggregated playlist select “add all clips”.

  • If you’d like to set up rules so that only clips with a particular tag, title, description and/or published state then you can configure that by selecting “add clips that match rules”.

  • To start pulling content from the available “shared playlists” select “add clips from other programs”

  • If you don’t want to include clips from the program that the aggregate playlist is housed in, click “Exclude this program’s clips that match the rules”

  • If you’d only like to include select playlists click “only selected playlists” and select which playlists from the menu.

  • Finally, to pull from the existing clips in all of the selected shared playlists available, click “add existing clips that match the rules”

3) Click Save changes. If you have set rules that will apply to existing clips and the rules are set up correctly, your applicable clips will appear (there may be some delay of up to 5 minutes).

Please be careful! If you need help setting this up, please contact

‘Feed drop’ or promo episode sharing

To share an episode from Program A to Program B, first ensure Program B has sharing enabled, as shown above.

Then, go to the playlist you want to share a clip to (the destination playlist), and click on ‘Configure auto-add’.

You can then set up an appropriate rule. Please be aware that if you are seeking to share a clip from the source program to a destination playlist that isn’t a published episode in the source program’s public playlist/s, then the clip can be added to a private playlist.

Measuring analytics of cross-program shared clips

  • A shared clip only exists as a clip in the program where it was uploaded.

  • The clip-level download analytics of a shared clip will show downloads across all the programs and playlists it is available from.

  • The program-level analytics of a program a clip has been shared with will include downloads of the shared clip from any playlist in that program.

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