Omny Studio generates two kinds of players for your audio: single clip embed and playlist embeds. 

To find the HTML code for these players, click on the clip or playlist you want to share and go to "Details". Select the "Embed" tab and choose which embed you'd like to use.

Embed styles

Omny Studio has three embed size and style options:

  • Wide: the player adapts the width to the container and is 150px tall and displays the artwork as a square on the side
  • Medium: the player is sized at 400x250px and uses the clip’s artwork stretched to fill as the background
  • Large: the player is sized at 400x400px and always displays the clip’s artwork stretched to fit as a square

Note: the embed iframe HTML  can be manually adjusted for other size options, but some sizes may not be appropriate for the style option.

Embed options

Embeds can be customized individually or options can be set as defaults for an entire program in "program settings".

  • Show artwork: show or hide the clip's artwork
  • Show share: show or hide the share button and functionality
  • Show download: show or hide the "Download MP3" button in the share screen
  • Show description: show or hide the "Info" button and the clip's description
  • Custom colors: override the embed's highlight colors (shown on the play button and waveform played section), background color (only applicable to the wide style) and text color (only applicable to the wide style).

Advanced embed functionality

Embeds can also be manually tweaked to enable further functionality.

  • Play from: add &t=5s to the end of the iframe URL to start the player at a specified time. The time format is ##m##s for minutes and seconds.
  • Autoplay: add &autoplay=1  to the end of the iframe URL to enable autoplay on load. (Note: autoplay will not work on modern desktop and mobile browsers due to media restrictions)
  • Select clip in playlist embed: you can manually pre-select a clip in a playlist embed by adding &selectedClip=[Clip GUID] to the end of the the iframe URL. (Note: this will only work if the clip is within the first 50 clips loaded in the playlist)
  • Hide playlist in playlist embed: you can manually hide the playlist list in a playlist embed to simulate an automatically updating embed by adding &list=0 to the end of the iframe URL. Remember to also adjust the embed height appropriately.
  • Developers can also programmatically control the embed player using the player.js Javascript library.

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