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Setting up live recordings for your radio station
Setting up live recordings for your radio station

Creating and setting up a Recording Agent

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For a diagram of the Omny Studio Recording Agent setup process, click here.

Live recordings are audio segments automatically by the Omny Studio Recording Agent set up either in your studio (on-premises agent) or from recording your live stream.

These recordings can then be manually or automatically published for on-demand distribution.

Live Stream Capture

The Recording Agent can record an Internet radio stream and ingest this audio from the stream into a Program’s Recordings page. 

Head to organisation settings - live recording and click "set up new recording agent". From here you can choose to set up either an ICE or SHOUTcast live stream agent or a Triton live stream recording agent.

With compatible SHOUTcast, ICEcast, HLS or Triton Live (Stream the World) streams we can use the metadata within your live stream to trigger and segment your recordings. We can then customise which recordings appear in your portal so that no ads are recorded into the portal for example.

The Omny Studio Recording Agent supports recording HLS format streams, to configure this please contact Omny support at with your stream URL - this needs to be configured by an Omny technician.

Learn more about this option, including the Triton recording cue-point override method, here.

We'll need to discuss your cuepoint metadata, to identify and configure the metadata that will start and stop the Recording Agent. This is further explained in this PDF. Please get in touch at

On-Premises Recording Agent

Omny Studio can automatically capture the audio from your studio in the best format by using a small piece of software known as the Recording Agent, which runs in your studio, delivering the best possible recording experience.

Please read the on-premises recording agent installation guide to get started.

Custom installation

Please contact support staff at if you would like to discuss a custom solution. 

Once your agent has gone online, you're ready to schedule your shows - click here for a step-by-step instructions.

Pros and Cons of each

If you're having trouble deciding which Recording Agent Type will best suit your needs, we have provided this guide with Pros and Cons for each:

Recording Agent Type




  • You can selectively record microphone or specific audio streams with automatic start/stop on silence.

  • Local buffer is resilient to connectivity issues.

  • Requires Windows environment with local disk storage.

  • More complex set-up and configuration.


  • Very easy to set up and no maintenance.

  • Record mixed stream with all audio tracks.

  • Requires accurate metadata timestamps for precise start/stops.

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