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Installation of the Recording Agent can be performed by an engineer or technician at your station by following the following steps:

Step 1: Program identification

Identify the radio programs (such as the morning breakfast show) that you would like to record into Omny Studio.

Step 2: The recording computer and its requirements 

  • Identify a computer to act as the “recording computer” for each of your chosen recording studios.

  • The computer must be running Windows Server 2008 SP2 or later, or Windows 7 or later.

  • The computer must have a “line in” sound card jack to accept audio input from the recording studio’s mixing panel.

  • The computer must be connected to the Internet. 

  • The computer itself does not need to be very powerful and the Recording Agent program will run in the background.

  • Please ensure that your windows server is configured with NTP to ensure that your local machine and the server time are in sync

Step 3: Mix panel configuration 

  • Configure the recording studio’s mixing panel to create a bus that outputs the microphones, soundbeds (production effects), pre-recorded content (such as interviews or traffic reports) and phone caller audio into a single stream.

  • Do not include music or advertisement audio as part of this bus.

  • Anything the recording agent hears from this output will appear in Omny Studio.

4. Downloading the Recording Agent software

  • Give it a name and set the timezone, and ensure you select "On-premises recording agent" for the Agent type.

  • Click "Create new agent".

  • Click on the newly-created agent and then "Download".

  • Note: Each recording agent download is associated with that particular recording agent, so if you need to install two different recording agents, you need to download each of the recording agent installer files separately.

Step 5: Installing the Recording Agent software      

  • Install the Recording Agent software on the recording agent computer by running the provided setup program file.

  • Take a moment to double-check you are running the install setup file for the recording agent you want to be installing (each recording agent instance has its own, unique installer file, downloaded from the Omny Studio portal)

  • When prompted, select the appropriate Production Feed line-in channel that you wish to record.

  • Click on the Install button and then Close.

Step 6: Recording Agent testing 

  • The recording agent is now installed and ready for use by the Omny Studio platform. It is recommended to test the recording agent in action before distributing logins to the wider team.

  • If you have any problems with installation, please see our FAQs or contact support@omnystudio.com.

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