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Integrate published content and metadata from Omny Studio in web and mobile players

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Omny Studio’s consumer APIs allows third-parties to integrate metadata about published content in custom players and content directories on a website or in a mobile app.

Only publicly-published content will be available in the consumer API. Hidden programs, private clips or private playlists will not be accessible.

Note: the “consumer API” is a read-only API. To create, edit or delete content, the “management API” allows private administrative access to the organization.


If you'd like to track the number of plays/downloads that are occurring from your custom players, you can define and track custom sources.

If you'd like to track consumption data for plays on custom players, you can send player events using the Omny Studio's consumption analytics API.


Responses are cached up to 10 minutes. Updates to clip metadata may not be reflected until the cache is refreshed.


CORS requests are allowed from any domain.

For optimal API performance, we recommend making "simple requests" (i.e. do not specify any custom HTTP headers) to avoid triggering a CORS preflight request.

Rate limits

There are no practical rate limits to this API. However, our web application firewall Cloudflare may block traffic it deems to be malicious or harmful.

Disable preloading

We recommend third-party publishers who build custom players to disable preloading and auto-playing from their players to ensure only user-initiated playback will trigger a download.

The API documentation as well as a test sandbox is available at

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