Omny Studio has a set of management APIs to allow developers to integrate third-party content management systems to manage the content in Omny Studio.

The API allows full administrative access to clips, recordings, playlists, and programs to create, edit, publish and delete content.

Omny Studio also provides a separate read-only, "Consumer API", suitable for usage in mobile apps and websites, which you can read more about here.


The API documentation as well as a test sandbox is available at

API keys

Access to the management API is controlled by API keys which can be generated in the organization settings page by organization admins.

Note: the API keys grant administrative access to Omny Studio and should be treated with care as content can be created and deleted automatically.

Rate limits

The management API is subject to rate limits of 10 requests every 10 seconds across all API keys in an organization. These may be adjusted by contacting support.

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