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Manage content and integrate third-party content management systems

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Omny Studio has a set of management APIs to allow developers to integrate third-party content management systems to manage the content in Omny Studio.

The API can be given permissions with the same options as an Organization user in Omny Studio.

Omny Studio also provides a separate read-only, "Consumer API", suitable for usage in mobile apps and websites, which you can read more about here.


The API documentation is available at

Generating API keys

  1. Click on the Omny Sudio logo on the top left of the system to view your Organisational view.

  2. Go to Organization settings in the left sidebar.

  3. Go to API Keys.

  4. Click New API Key as in the screenshot below.

5. Copy the API Key, show the Key in plaintext, or revoke the key from the screen above.

Permission levels

The API Key will be viewable in the list of organization users, and its permissions can be configured in the same way as any user. See a guide to configuring organization user permissions here.

Rate limits

The API is rate limited to ensure service reliability and performance. Rate limits are applied organization-wide across all API keys. You can find the organization's rate limit in the API Keys settings page in Omny Studio.

If you require a higher API limit, please contact support with a technical reason for the increase.


CORS requests are not allowed by default on the management API for security reasons as it is not possible to secure management API keys in client-side JavaScript running in a browser environment.

There is considerable risk if bad actors retrieve a management API keys as it can be used to create, modify and delete data in your organization.

As an alternative you may consider the Consumer API which allows CORS requests.

However if you believe you have an exceptional use case where the security risks are mitigated and would like CORS requests to be allowed for a specific management API key, please contact support.

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