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Assigning programs to a network
Assigning programs to a network

Group your programs into networks for combined analytics and network-level settings management

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Once you've created a network, you can assign programs to it by following the steps below.

Assigning programs to a network if you have organization-level user-access

1) If you have organization-level user-access, you can manage all networks at

2) From here, you can click 'Assign new program' for the network you'd like to add a program to.

3) Select the program or programs you'd like to add and click save!

Assigning a program to a network as a program-level user

1) Go to program details for the program you wish to add to a network and select an existing network from the network drop-down.

2) Click save and repeat for every program you wish to add to a network within your organisation.

Note: it's important that you group your networks carefully because the analytics for the combined programs will begin accumulating for that network as soon as they are set/added. Learn more about network analytics here.

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