NOTE: Spotify respects 301 redirects for your RSS feed and will update the RSS feed that it's listing is pointing to automatically. This help doc is only for if you're having issues with your redirect. 

With your Licensor set to Omny (which should happen automatically if you provide an Omny RSS feed) passthrough will be enabled automatically - meaning your download analytics from Spotify will flow across to your Omny Studio analytics.

Please also note that Spotify behaves differently to most other podcast apps and will not start downloading from your new RSS feed for old episodes until the original episodes are unavailable. 

This means that you will continue to see downloads of old episodes in the account you've migrated from until you delete the original episodes. 

Please don't delete your old program/account until the redirect has been in place for at least a week to ensure all subscribers on other apps are moved across.

Please contact support if you need clarification.

Here are the steps for how to update your RSS feed through Spotify for Podcasters:

1. There is a “Settings” tab in the podcast view that displays the podcast’s current  RSS feed and Licensor

2. Click on the ‘Update” button which opens the RSS feed update flow in a modal view.

3. Paste your new feed URL (from Omny, steps here to find it), which is then validated.

4. Based on the feed URL, Spotify pre-selects the Licensor.

5. Creators with podcast-level access will be able to manually correct the Licensor if necessary. Those with network-level access will need to contact their account manager if they need to move a podcast out of their licensor.

6. You can then review the updates made. Go back and make changes or click “Submit” to confirm

7. After confirming you will be taken back to the “Settings” view where you will see the updated feed URL and Licensor data

It may take up to 24 hours for the changes to be reflected in the client. 

Update flow for user with network-level access: 

Update flow for user with podcast-level access: 

Step 1: head to the settings tab on your podcast here.

Step 2: Update your RSS feed here and click next!

Step 3: review and confirm!

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