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How to delete a program/podcast from Omny Studio

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So it's time to end a program. It happens. If you want it to be removed from podcast apps and directories you can first add a 'block' to your RSS feed, which requests apps remove the feed from their directory.  We recommend you doing this at least one week before deleting your program, otherwise while your Omny account will be deleted, the listing for your show may still be available in apps, even if your episodes are not. 

If you're ready to delete a program from Omny Studio, just follow the steps below.

1. To remove a program, go to Program Settings.

2. At the bottom of the page, select Delete Program.

3. A confirmation pop-up will appear asking you to confirm deletion. 

4. Press OK and type DELETE.

5. Then press OK for the final step in the deletion process.

This will immediately delete the program, and all content contained in it (playlists, clips, it's showpage).

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. We'd much prefer you are fully confident in this decision before you take it. 

If you're looking to cancel your account, please reach out to us!

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