Blocking a program

Removing a podcast from podcast directories, such as Apple and Google.

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To prevent your show appearing in podcast directories like Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts, please follow the below steps to place a block request on your RSS feed.

Note: You can only block at the playlist level, so if your show has multiple playlists you'll need to repeat these steps for each. 

Note: The <itunes:block> tag is respected by not just Apple Podcasts, but also other major directories (including Google Podcasts). So applying this tag will remove the podcast from most podcast apps and Google Podcasts.

Note: Spotify does not appear to respect blocking in this way. If you require a show removed from Spotify, we suggest geoblocking or doing this directly via Spotify for Podcasters.

  • Go to Playlist > Details.

  • Under Advanced Settings, you'll find the following option:

  • Tick the box to block your podcast, and hit Save changes.

Please allow 24 hours for this to take effect across all podcast apps and directories.

 Why block your feed?

To remove an existing listing from podcast apps or create a private feed. You could also consider using the ad-free playlist when creating a private feed as those feeds have <itunes:block> enabled by default.

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