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Changing your RSS metadata - how your podcast looks in Apple Podcasts
Changing your RSS metadata - how your podcast looks in Apple Podcasts

Update your show title, description, author name, show art, category, publisher and website in Apple Podcasts for desktop, mobile and web.

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Apple Podcasts is the heavyweight in the world of podcast listening and discovery. So, you'll want your show to look its best, and information be accurate, in their directory and apps. 

How your RSS feed is displayed in Apple Podcasts

This is how the information from your RSS feed is displayed on Apple Podcasts, in this case on

How to update fields in your RSS feed, and in Apple Podcasts

If you change these fields within Omny, please allow up to 24 hours for these changes to propagate in Apple Podcasts. 

From the Program Settings page you can find, and change;

  • Program Name

  • Author

  • Category

  • Description

  • Show Art

In Program settings > Advanced Settings 

  • Copyright


If you have submitted the RSS feed for more than one playlist and need to differentiate them, you can change many of these settings at the Playlist Details level, which will override the defaults from the Program level. 

Please ensure you save changes if you are editing your RSS feed information, and allow 24-48 hours for changes to propagate to Apple Podcasts/other podcast apps.

We hope that by following this guide, your metadata will be setup correctly for Apple Podcasts, along with every directory and app your show is available through. Here's more information on submitting your show to the major directories and apps. 

Happy podcasting!

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