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How to publish your show to the major directories and apps.

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The top podcast directories by size and importance - and simple steps to adding your show. 

  1. Apple Podcasts
    This directory acts as the default for many other apps and directories. Responsible for approximately 70% of all podcast plays. After submitting to be in the Apple Podcasts directory it can take up to 10 days, though most submissions are approved within 3 days and on occasion only a few hours.

  2. Google Podcasts
    Google find you, rather than submitting your show to Google. But you can ensure that will happen using this guide.

  3. YouTube and YouTube Music
    YouTube and YouTube Music is a streaming service that is forecasted to grow in global popularity. Omny Studio will help you publish to YouTube & YouTube Music

  4. Audacy is a popular podcast-listening app available in the USA. For more read Submit your podcast to Audacy

  5. Spotify
    Growing in popularity, in some countries the Spotify app has become the most popular way of listening to podcasts. We make it easy to submit your show to Spotify.

  6. iHeart Radio
    A popular podcast app in the US, you can submit your show to iHeart Radio through our one-click submission.

  7. JioSaavn/Gaana
    The leading podcast apps in the huge and growing Indian podcast market.
    Submit to Jiosaavn here.
    Submit to Gaana here.

  8. Amazon Music (with Podcasts)

  9. Deezer, Pandora, TuneIn and more
    You'll find guides for them all here. If you're looking for a service we're missing a guide for, just let us know!

  10. Pocket Casts
    One of the most popular third-party, cross-platform podcast apps. Pocket Casts no longer automatically adds new listings in the Apple Podcasts directory.
    You can submit your show to Pocket Casts directory by following this guide.

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