If your podcast episodes have multiple mid-roll markers, you can target specific positions based on their order in the episode. i.e. the second midroll marker in an episode.

Here's an example of an episode with multiple markers: 

Each mid-roll ad marker (the orange markers) automatically generates a tag which can be targeted with the Omny Campaign Manager.

Auto-generated tag format

First mid-roll marker = midroll_pos_1
Second mid-roll marker = midroll_pos_2

And so on...

So if you'd like to target the 2nd mid-roll ad marker in this example (the one which the red arrow is pointing to) then simply type midroll_pos_2 in the tag targeting rules box here:

Please note that a flight targeted to a mid-roll marker with no tag specified is eligible to be inserted at a tagged mid-roll marker. 

A flight which is targeted to a specific tag can only be inserted at those tagged markers.

For custom tag targeting please read this help article.

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