If your podcast episodes have multiple mid-roll markers, you can target mid-roll positions by using auto-generated tags of the format midroll_pos_n. For example, midroll_pos_3 for the third mid-roll marker. Negative offsets are also supported, e.g. midroll_pos_-2 for the second last mid-roll marker.

Here's an example of an episode with multiple markers: 

Each mid-roll ad marker (the orange markers) automatically generates a tag which can be targeted with the Omny Campaign Manager.

Auto-generated tag format

Ascending format:

First mid-roll marker = midroll_pos_1
Second mid-roll marker = midroll_pos_2

And so on...

Descending format (valid for clips published after 2021-04-30) - please contact support if you'd like to apply descending order to older clips

Last mid-roll marker = midroll_pos_-1

Second last mid-roll marker = midroll_pos_-2

And so on...

So if you'd like to target the 2nd mid-roll ad marker in this example (the one which the red arrow is pointing to in the screenshot above) then simply type midroll_pos_2 in the tag targeting rules input when configuring your flight here:

Please note that a flight targeted to a mid-roll marker with no tag specified is eligible to be inserted at a tagged mid-roll marker. 

A flight which is targeted to a specific tag can only be inserted at those tagged markers.

For custom tag targeting please read this help article.

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