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Posting full episodes to YouTube
Posting full episodes to YouTube

How to use the Headliner integration to post and publish podcast episodes to YouTube as video.

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1. From a published clip, go to the Video tab.

2. The Headliner window will open as usual, but if the clip is longer than ten minutes it will walk you through Full Episode Video creation, rather than social media audiogram creation. Select your orientation/screen size as usual.

3. For YouTube, select Landscape on the left. Run through the wizard as normal, being aware that captions can be added later to YouTube, but not to Headliner video if longer than ten minutes in length. You can export a transcript from Omny Studio to use as YouTube captions. 

4. Hit Export, the creation process will begin. The time to create the video will vary depending on the length of your video, allow approximately 30 - 90 minutes. You will be emailed a link when the video is created.

5. Follow the Go To Video link in the Headliner email.

6. Then you can view, download, or export your video to social media platforms, or YouTube. Or, you can find this video in your Projects window in Headliner (log in with your account details).

7. Selecting YouTube will open a Google authorisation window where you'll be asked for your YouTube login details. Once you have logged in a window will open where you can fill out the video details for posting. 

8. Once you hit Post your episode will be live on YouTube - after it's processed.

To access viewership, consumption, and other analytics about the performance of an episode posted to YouTube, you can log into and use YouTube Studio Analytics.

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