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User management
Organization-level user access
Organization-level user access

Give permission to a user in an organization, based on the features they need to access.

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For user permissions at the program level, please follow this guide.

For user permissions at the network level, please follow this guide.

For bulk user updates and invites, please visit this page.

Note: User access in Omny Studio is self-managed - if you require different permissions, please contact someone in your organization with 'manage users' permissions. The instructions below can only be followed by users with 'manage users and permissions' rights.

To manage users at an organization level, you can head to

1) Go to Organization users

2) Click 'Invite user to organization'

3) You can add existing organization users by typing their name or new users by typing their email address.

4) Hit enter and new users will be sent an invitation email. Existing users will immediately have access to the program.

Features permissions

Each organization user has five possible options - with a sixth if Omny Campaign Manager is active - for their permissions:

Manage Content

With this permission removed, user cannot create, edit or delete clips, playlists or recordings. Also, access to clip level analytics breakdowns by app, source, geography, or date range is lost, and they cannot view clip level consumption analytics.

View analytics
With this permission removed, the user will not be able to see analytics pages at any level, the clip, program, network or organisational, within the organisation. Glanceable analytics within the clips list will also be removed.

Manage users and permissions

This checkbox gives users the ability to add other users to the organization or to individual programs and toggle their user-permissions. This is the highest level of access as it allows users to add any setting to their own account.

Manage program settings

This checkbox toggles the ability for users to access the program settings page as seen here:

Manage organization settings

This checkbox toggles the ability for users to access the organization settings page as seen here:

View Audit Events

Once you have access, you can access your whole organization's audit events at

Omny Campaign Manager

If you have Omny Campaign Manager activated for your account, you can give organization users access to it by checking this box!

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