Cloning a clip

How to duplicate an existing clip

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Before you start joining, splitting and trimming audio you might want to first make a copy of your clip. This guide will show you how.

Why else would you want to clone a clip?

- Create a short clip to send to Headliner to make an audiogram.

- Create an excerpt to transcribe, if you don't want to create a transcript of the whole clip.

- To apply a different volume or levelling preset.
- Or many other reasons.

How to clone a clip

1 . Select the clip you would like to clone/copy/duplicate from your clips list.

2. Select the dropdown next to Edit Audio.

3. Select 'Clone as new clip'.

This will open a page for the newly created, cloned clip. The audio will be processed using any relevant program or organisation level defaults. You can then rename the clip from "Copy of Clip Name".

4. Save changes, then use the cloned clip like you would any other clip in Omny.

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