For user permissions at the program level, please follow this guide.

For user permissions at the organization level, please follow this guide.

NOTE: A user can have either Organization, Network, or Program level access, not a combination.

Networks in Omny Studio

Programs can be grouped into Networks in Omny Studio. Users can then be given access to one or multiple networks, with features access to the network that applies to all programs within a network. A user can have different permissions in different networks.

Inviting Network Users from the organization page

NOTE: Only users with organization user access can grant users network-level user access in this way.

From the Organization users page

1) Head to

2) Select 'invite user to organization'.

3) Enter their email address and hit 'Send invitation'.

4) Select Network Access for this user. Check the required network/s.

5) Select the permissions you want to give user access to.

6) Save changes when finished.


Inviting Network user from the Network management page

1) From the Network page (, click Network users.

2) Select Add user to network, enter their name or email address to find existing users within the Organization, or invite a new user by entering their email.

3) Select which networks you would like the user to have access to. Check the required network/s.

4) Select the permissions you want to give user access to.

5) Click save changes.

NOTE: Organization user permissions cannot be changed at the Network level. To change these, please see the Organization permissions guide.

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