Pre or post-roll ads for new clips by default

You can add pre and post-roll ad markers to all newly published clips by default at a program, network or organization level.

You can find the setting under organization, network or program settings under the monetization menu.

Marking pre, mid or post roll ads for individual clips

You can place ad markers for individual episodes with Omny Studio's inline editor.

First head to the clip you'd like to add an ad marker to and then click 'edit audio':

Then click the pre or post-roll button in the top menu to mark the episode for a pre or post-roll ad:

Ads will be marked in pink as seen above.

Adding mid-roll markers for ad insertion

To add a mid-roll marker for an ad to be inserted first click "edit audio" on the clip which you can either do from the clip edit screen or from here:

Then at an appropriate spot click "mark for ad" as circled here, orange markers will be dropped into the audio file, once you're happy click save changes:

Adding a pre or post-roll ad at a custom timestamp

Note: this only applies to OCM and TAP ad systems.

You can also place a pre or post-roll ad at a custom time-stamp in your episode. This is for if you would like to sell and report the spot as a pre-roll but there is a recurring intro in your episode which needs to play first.

To do this, just click the drop-down caret menu next to the 'post-roll ad' button, move the play-head to the correct position and click the button circled below.

If you would like to insert more than one ad per marker, please follow the instructions in this help doc (Omny Campaign Manager and Tap customers only)

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