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How to read the monthly report

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Digging into the monthly report that Triton will send once you're connected to Yield-Op, here’s how to determine the following.

  • Total Impressions

  • Fill Rate

  • Average CPM

Total impressions

Open the report emailed to you from Triton Digital in your spreadsheet app of choice.

On the second tab of the spreadsheet (Details) just total column E (Impressions).

This is the total number of impressions (delivered ads) on markers from campaigns that have been paid for by the advertiser.

Fill rate

Total Impressions divided by total program downloads for the month (retrieved from Program Analytics in Omny Studio) times the number of ad markers per episode.


10,000 impressions / 8,000 downloads with 2 ad markers per episode (16,000 potential impressions).

10,000/16,000 = 0.625 Fill Rate.

Average CPM gross

Sum column F to see your Gross Revenue.

Then divide Gross Revenue by Total Impressions and times 1000.

$1,200/200,000*1000 = $6 Gross Average CPM.

Average CPM net

Sum column G to see your Net Revenue.

Then divide Net Revenue (Publisher payable) by Total Impressions and times 1000.

$1,025/120,000*1000 = $5.13 Net Average CPM.


Net revenue is what the publisher will be paid (platform revenue split has been removed) but this may not indicate that month's payout. Yield-Op pays out monthly with the payment accrued from advertisers, this payment can occur after payout causing staggered payment for impressions. For more information on this please see the Terms of Service.

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