Yield-Op - programmatic weekly report

Publishers using Yield-Op, Triton Digital's programmatic ad exchange, receive weekly report emails.

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Getting Yield-Op
if you have opted-in to Omny Studio's programmatic offering provided via Yield-Op, read on for more info.
​What is Yield-Op?
"Yield-Op" (short for 'yield optimisation') is a leading programmatic ad exchange, run by our parent company Triton Digital. It's designed for ad-ops teams that live and breathe programmatic advertising and is currently integrated with 30+ DSPs. You can find more information here.

But available to Omny Studio users is a simplified way of using Yield-Op. In this way, it operates as an open marketplace - you can see advertisers in your monthly reports but not enter into direct deals.
You control where the ads appear, by using ad markers - if you have an ad marker and there is no direct sold campaign via the system to fill it, it may be filled from the Yield-Op open market.

Receiving weekly reports

To learn how your program is performing on the Yield-Op open marketplace, you will receive weekly reports emailed to you on a Tuesday.

Please see an example report below.

This tells you the:

Net Programmatic Revenue for the previous week

Average CPM (cost per thousand impressions) received

The graphs show you the net revenue for the entire Yield-Op open marketplace, and the average CPM for the entire open marketplace. These are provided to help you understand how you are performing relative to the whole open marketplace.


Net revenue is what the publisher will be paid (platform revenue split has been removed) but this may not indicate that month's payout. Yield-Op pays out monthly with the payment accrued from advertisers, this payment can occur after payout causing staggered payment for impressions. For more information on this please see the Terms of Service.

If you have any questions or are not receiving this report, please get in touch with us.

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