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Listing your Omny content and Apple Podcasts Channel content together
Listing your Omny content and Apple Podcasts Channel content together

Using Omny RSS feeds and manually uploading subscriber audio in Apple Podcasts Connect for your Apple Podcasts Subscriptions shows

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Note: since the publication of this article, we have partnered with Apple to better support Apple Podcasts Subscriptions. We have released a feature that enables you to publish ad-free, bonus, exclusive, and early-release episodes to Apple Podcasts directly from Omny Studio. Learn more about this feature here, or contact us to activate it!

Apple Podcasts offers Channels, content hosted on Apple Podcast Connect and available on Apple Podcasts alongside public podcasts.

Your public podcasts, premium feeds offered through Omny's Restricted Content Access, or feeds being monetized through another gateway, can be hosted on Omny Studio, and offered on your Apple Podcasts Channel alongside paid content.


To create an Apple Podcasts Channel, log into Apple Podcasts Connect and go to the Podcasts page, click +, then select New Channel.

Once your Channel is created you can create a subscription, where you select your subscription cost. Once your Channel and Subscription are set up, read on to learn how to match your public and private episodes.

Listing your Omny content and Apple Podcasts Channel content together

If you are offering versions of your publicly-available episodes on your Channel, for instance ad-free episodes, then you likely want just the one version of that episode appearing in your Channel. A subscriber selecting the episode will get the Apple Podcasts Channel version, and the non-subscriber will get the version available on your Omny RSS feed.
To match these episodes so they only appear once, first select a podcast you've submitted to Apple Podcasts (or follow these steps to submit a new podcast).

Then, create a new episode in Apple Podcasts Connect.
From the episode, click Add Subscriber Audio and select the ad-free subscriber audio file that matches the public episode.

Using the Season Number and Episode Number fields as shown above, match the Subscriber Audio version with the episode from your Omny RSS feed as below, follow this guide to set your Season Number and Episode Number in Omny as needed.

As Apple Podcasts Connect states - "When we detect an episode in your RSS feed with the same number as an episode in Apple Podcasts Connect, we automatically link the two. Subscriber audio is only accessible on Apple Podcasts and is protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM)."
When both the Free RSS Audio and Subscriber Audio are present, and Season Number and Episode Number match, the episode will be displayed once on your Channel, but respond differently to your subscribers and non-subscribers.

For any questions, please contact support.

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