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Submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts / iTunes Store
Submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts / iTunes Store
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Note: This article is for shows that don't offer any Apple Podcast benefits. If you'd like to offer your listeners a premium experience such as subscriber-only episodes, early releases, and more, visit this article to learn more about how we support Apple Podcasts Subscriptions and contact us to activate the feature.

To submit a podcast to Apple Podcasts/iTunes, you need to provide Apple Podcast Connect with your RSS feed URL. Apple will then regularly check your RSS feed for new episodes and other updates.

Once you have at least one piece of content in your feed and have made your podcast playlist public, you're ready to submit to iTunes. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to your program's playlist > details > 'submit your podcast to podcast directories'

  2. Click on 'Submit to Apple Podcasts' - this will open in a new tab or window.

  3. Login with your Apple ID that you want to have ownership over your podcast.

  4. Click the + button next to Podcasts. Select 'New show'.


  5. Select Add existing show (RSS feed). Provide the RSS feed of your show, following these steps to find it if needed.

  6. Select 'make my feed publicly available' in order for other podcast apps to receive your RSS feed (many smaller podcast apps use Apple's podcast directory to populate their available podcasts).

  7. Choose who can access your show, this refers to other Podcast Connect users in your account, learn more here.

  8. Hit 'Add' to submit the podcast to Apple.

Once you've you've submitted your podcast, Apple sends you an email to confirm your podcast is under review. If approved, Apple sends you another confirmation email indicating your submission review is complete. Your confirmation email also includes the link to your active podcast. n.b. it can take up to 5 business days to have your feed approved.

Once your podcast status is Published, you can click on it update any information, and find your Apple Podcasts URL.


  • If there was an issue with your podcast (for example, missing <language>, <itunes:category>, or <itunes:explicit> tags), Podcasts Connect displays warning and error messages along with the current status of your podcast. Fix any validation warnings or errors and submit your podcast again. Podcasts Connect adds your podcast to the dashboard only after a successful submission.

  • The information Apple Podcasts displays about your podcast is based on your current RSS feed. Any changes you make to your RSS feed can take up to 24 hours to appear on Apple Podcasts - learn more here.

For more information, head to Apple Podcasts page.ย 

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