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How to remove your podcast from listening apps
How to remove your podcast from listening apps
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If you want to remove a podcast from all listening apps and prevent episodes from being played, follow the steps below:

  1. Make the RSS feed private by following the steps below:

    2a) Navigate to your Playlist.

2b) Go to Details.

2c) Select Private from the Publishing options.

2d) Save your changes.

3. Make the episodes private. You can do this one by one in the Playlist page or in Clips as shown below.

Contact Omny Support to update the status of all episodes in bulk.

Note: This is an important step as some podcast apps (namely Spotify and Apple Podcasts) cache the download links for episodes, so even if the RSS feed is no longer available, episodes can still be downloaded and played if they are not set to private.

You can follow these additional steps if you need to quickly remove your podcast in Apple Podcasts or Spotify:

Apple Podcasts:

Apple Podcasts allows you to remove a listing, using Podcasts Connect. Go to Availability for the podcast and select 'Don't make available'.


Spotify will allow you to remove a listing. If you've submitted your podcast to Spotify via Omny go to the ‘Submit your podcast to podcast directories, click on ‘Submit to Spotify’, and click the ‘Delete from Spotify’ button.

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Note: this option is only available for Playlists which are public or unlisted. Otherwise please contact Spotify. Alternatively, you can also delete the playlist which will remove your podcast from Spotify.

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