Ad marker rules override

How to override an ad marker rule when publishing a clip and what happens when you do

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Duration-based ad marker rules can be set at the organization, network or program level in Omny Studio. You can learn more about setting these rules here.

Pre and post-roll rules will work automatically - if a clip meets a rule, then the pre and post-roll ad markers will automatically be added where specified.

Because mid-roll ad markers need to be manually placed by users, rules relating to mid-roll ad markers will remind users to place the recommended mid-roll ad markers based on the length of the clip.

Overriding ad marker rules

As with all rules, they’re made to be broken. A warning like this will appear if a user tries to publish a clip that doesn't match a rule.

Users can choose to either go back and update the ad markers to match the rules as per the warning by clicking ‘cancel’ or override the rules and save the clip.

This help doc guides users through adding pre, mid or post-roll ad markers.

This help doc guides users through how to configure the ads per marker value for a given marker.

If a user chooses to override the rules and save, an email that looks like this will immediately be sent to the designated contact.

Setting the ad marker rules override contact email

Users with 'settings' access, can specify who will receive a warning email under “Rule override email alerts” as seen here:

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