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Why am I not seeing downloads from Spotify in Analytics?
Why am I not seeing downloads from Spotify in Analytics?

Spotify passes through download analytics to Omny Studio, but only if 'Passthrough' is enabled.

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If you submit a podcast to Spotify - to add it to their podcast directory - with the submission button in Omny Studio, then download analytics from Spotify will automatically come through to your Omny analytics. But you can also claim the show in Spotify so you can access the Spotify for Podcasters dashboard.

Please follow these steps to submit your show to Spotify using our integration, if the podcast is not already on Spotify.

If you have migrated your show to Omny from another podcast host, or submitted your show to Spotify directly, then you will have to reach out to Spotify support to request they activate Passthrough.

This section of Spotify for Podcasters will tell you what the status of your show is, and if the Licensor/Hosting Provider is anything but Omny Studio, then please follow the steps in this guide to update the Licensor/Hosting Provider.

If this fails to activate passthrough and analytics from Spotify are still not appearing in your Omny Studio analytics, please email, along with the RSS feed of the podcast. You can find your Omny RSS feed following these steps.

Example message:

Hello Spotify for Podcasters team,

My Spotify listing does not appear to have RSS-pass-through activated. Can you please activate RSS-pass-through for my podcast so that downloads are passed through to my hosting provider, Omny Studio? I am happy for my podcast to fall under their licensor agreement.

My Omny RSS feed is:
My Spotify listing is:

Thank you!

Should you need any further assistance, please reach out to support.

Please note that even when Passthrough is activated, Spotify still cache episodes played by listeners locally to their device. This will affect analytics displaying in Omny also

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