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Once you have followed all the steps outlined in this migration guide, including:

  • disabling dynamic add insertion and removing any RSS feed pagination before importing feeds into Omny,

  • linking your shows to Podcast Metrics/Rankers if you currently use Triton Digital’s Podcast Metrics (PCM) platform,

you'll need to tell Apple Podcasts and the other podcast directories and apps to pull from your new RSS feeds. This is done by applying a re-direct from your old feed to your new feed.

Note: Once you've completed the steps in this help doc to redirect your feed, you can start uploading new episodes to your Omny Studio account to update your feed.

Applying a redirect in Castos

1. Sign into your WordPress Admin dashboard

2. Go to Podcast > Settings > Feed Details

3. If needed, select the title of the podcast you'd like to redirect:


4. Check the box for Redirect this feel URL and paste the new RSS feed URL (find your Omny Studio RSS feed).

5. Click Save Settings

The existing RSS feed generated by our Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin will now be redirected to the new podcast feed URL.

To test the redirect, enter the original RSS feed URL into your browser. If done correctly, you should be redirected to the new podcast feed URL.

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