We strongly encourage you to verify a request from a user to disable their 2FA is legitimate before completing the following steps.

If a user in your organization has asked you to reset their two-factor authentication, here are the steps to follow:

1. Go to https://omnystudio.com/settings/users and find the user you need to reset.

NOTE: You can easily tell which users have enabled 2FA and which haven't, by looking at the lock icon on the user management page.

2. Click "disable two-factor authentication" from the menu.

3. The user is now able to reset their 2FA by following these steps.

NOTE: If a user is a part of more than one organization, you will need to contact support@omnystudio.com in order to have their 2FA reset.

To contact Omny Support and request a 2FA reset, please follow these steps as an organization-level user:

  1. Email support@omnystudio.com. Please include "the user account email address is X, please disable 2-Factor Authentication on this account".

  2. Omny support will remove 2FA from the user account.

  3. The user can then use their email address and password to access Omny from omnystudio.com/login.

  4. If your organization requires users to have 2FA, the user will be prompted to follow the steps to create a 2FA registration.

Or, to decide to setup 2FA on your user account, please follow these steps to do so.

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