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Setting up the Apple Subscriptions feature in Omny Studio
Setting up the Apple Subscriptions feature in Omny Studio

Set up the Apple Subscriptions feature to start managing your Apple premium content directly from Omny Studio

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You can now upload, manage and distribute subscriber audio to your Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, directly within Omny Studio.

To learn more about how to set up and manage subscriptions with Apple and the benefits of doing so, Apple have a range of webinars or help articles.

If you'd like to activate this feature in Omny Studio, reach out to your PDM/Solutions Specialist or the Triton Helpdesk to enquire about pricing. Once the feature is activated, follow the steps below to enable it on your organization.

Note: the Apple Subscriptions feature requires you to join the Apple Podcasters Program first. Follow these steps first to join the Program and setup your subscriptions if you haven't already.

Enabling the feature in Omny Studio

If you have already joined the Apple Podcasters Program, follow the below steps to generate an API key for Omny Studio to publish on your behalf.

Note: You will need Organization Settings permissions to follow these steps.

  1. Sign in to Apple Podcast Connect:

2. Navigate to the Account tab > Keys section

3. Request a new key by clicking on + next to the Active heading, fill out the fields and hit Generate:

4. Copy the Issuer ID, Key ID, and download the API Key:

5. Go to Omny Studio and enter the information into the corresponding fields under:

  • Organization settings > Apple Subscriptions - if all your shows live under the same Apple Podcasts Connect account, or

  • Network settings > Apple Subscriptions - if all your shows in a given Network live under the same Apple Podcast Connect account, or

  • Program settings > Apple Subscriptions - if you use a different Apple Podcast Connect account for each show.

Organization settings:

Network settings:

Program settings:

Note: you can disable the API any time by clicking on the Remove API key button:

Once you've completed the steps above, you can submit a new show to Apple Podcasts Connect or link an existing show to Omny Studio.

Joining Apple Podcasters Program and creating your first subscription

If you haven't yet joined the Apple Podcasters Program and would like to offer premium audio to Apple subscribers, follow the below steps to get started.

  1. Sign in to Apple Podcasts Connect:

2. Join the Apple Podcasters Program under Account > Details:

3. Complete you agreement.

4. Add a subscription to your show or channel.

5. Submit for approval

Once approved by Apple, follow the steps above to generate an API key and link your account to Omny Studio.


  • Once this feature is enabled, content updates should only be made in Omny. Any changes made in Apple Podcasts Connect (for example updating the show’s description) could be overwritten by the API.

  • This feature enable you to manage your premium content via Omny, however the set up and management of your Apple Subscriptions will continue to be managed in Apple Podcasts Connect.

  • Omny Studio uses an Apple API to make it easy for you to upload and push content updates directly into your Apple Podcasts Connect account. Files uploaded to Omny, along with any updates made to those files, are subsequently mirrored and pushed into the Apple ecosystem. Please note that:

    • Subscriber audio files are served by Apple to your subscribers, therefore subscriber audio analytics are only accessible in Apple Podcasts Connect.

    • Non-subscriber audio files are served by us, therefore analytics flow back into our analytics UI.

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