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Ad marker import format

How to import your existing ad markers

Written by Hamish Orchard
Updated over a week ago

If you are migrating to Omny Studio and need help importing your existing ad markers, reach out to us.

We support Megaphone, Art19 and Acast's standard export format for ad markers.

When asking for an ad marker export from one of these providers, we recommend you request that they include the guid value for each episode in the export. If the export only contains program and clip title, the Omny Studio team can attempt to match on these, but this increases the risk of being unable to import some ad markers.

If you are coming from another platform, we require a CSV with each ad marker on its own line in the format below:

RssEpisodeGuid, AdMarkerType, AdMarkerPosition, MaxNumberOfAds.

Please note:

  • AdMarkerType is Preroll, Postroll or Midroll

  • AdMarkerPosition is the timestamp that the ad marker appears at. If you have multiple midrolls, please ensure each midroll appears a new row.

Email this CSV to the Omny Studio support team with a link to the program or programs that are included in the file and needing to be matched.

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