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Partners to help you grow your audience
Partners to help you grow your audience

Looking to reach a wider audience? Our partners can help!

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As the popularity of podcasts continues to grow, podcasters face increasing competition to stand out and reach new audiences. With so many podcasts available, it can be difficult to get yours in the limelight and grow your listener base. Luckily, our partners can help you expand your reach*!

Disco Enterprise

Disco Enterprise by Headliner is a dynamic podcast discovery widget for your website or blog, providing your readers with an easy, relevant way to discover your podcast. It seamlessly converts web traffic into podcast listens by leveraging the power of AI to serve contextually relevant and engaging podcast clips, matching keywords in your podcast’s transcript with page text to find the perfect pairing.

Key services:

  • Podcast growth

  • Audience development

  • Podcast promotion

  • Analytics

Credentials: The Headliner team have been a partner of Omny Studio for several years, since integrating their audiogram functionality into our platform.


  1. Contact to create an account

  2. Once setup, if a reader clicks on your podcast’s widget, they will be directed over to Headliner’s content library, Play by Headliner, or to your pre-selected host platform

  3. Follow performance in your Headliner custom analytics dashboard

Podcast Promo

With Podcast Promo, Headliner's paid promotion platform, you can boost your podcast's reach and increase listens with their cost-effective solution. Set your budget and select which episodes you'd like to promote - their Promo AI will take it from there, serving your clips in Headliner’s export queue.

Key services:

  • Podcast growth

  • Podcast promotion

  • Analytics

Credentials: The Headliner team have been a partner of Omny Studio for several years, since integrating their audiogram functionality into our platform.


  1. Select “Podcast Promo”

  2. Select “Create Promo”

  3. Input Podcast RSS Feed

  4. Select budget

  5. Review your personalized analytics from your Headliner dashboard


Website URL:

Drive listeners in all listening applications to your podcast with PodRoll campaigns. PodRoll grows podcasts by recommending your episode to listeners based on their listening habits. Directly track your downloads and recurring listener conversions in the PodRoll dashboard or on your publishing platform.

Key services:

  • Podcast audience growth

  • Podcast monetization (sell PodRoll recommendations)

Credentials: This team previously founded and sold Megaphone to Spotify


  1. Visit: and create an account

  2. Enter your RSS feed in the “Podcasts” page

  3. Add the generated PodRoll prefix link to track recurring listener conversions

  4. Approve a list of podcasts to be recommended after

  5. Create a campaign

    1. Select the episode to drive listeners to

    2. Budget (minimum $500 per campaign)

    3. Frequency Cap

    4. Listener geographic targeting

    5. Campaign flight time

  6. Follow your campaign stats in the buyer’s dashboard

  7. Track growth in your publishing platform


MowPod Boost Self-serve

Boost your podcast listenership! mowPod Boost Self-serve is a fully programmatic native ad solution, placing your podcast episodes on hundreds (or thousands) of sites - targeting the listener, not the web property. Pay only for performance, and Omny Studio customers benefit from a 10% discount on the service!

Key services:

  • Podcast audience development

Credentials: The Gist, The Hustle and more - check out the list here, and read our case study.


  1. Enter your RSS feed into the RSS field

  2. Select the episode you'd like to promote

  3. Edit the title and description for the native ads - keep them short and succinct for the best results

  4. Select a budget (as low as $100) and enter your credit card details

  5. Complete your mowPod Boost account setup with an email and password

  6. Submit the form and you are good to go!

  7. Follow along in real time in the campaign stats (click "Campaigns" at the top of the page, then the show art or status for the campaign you'd like to view)

  8. Track downloads in your Omny analytics page, under Playback destinations > Sources tab, e.g.:


Website URL:

Edisound helps advertisers reach their core audiences across high quality publisher properties with a unique and tailored experience.

Key services:

Edisound delivers targeted listens for your podcast by partnering with premium media platforms to embed the Edisound audio player and stream the specific episode of your choice directly. Marketers use Edisound to increase their episode listens significantly, especially when they lack genuine listenership or require immediate visibility and impact during the launch phase.

Credentials: Edisound works with podcasters, studios, media agencies. As a reference, Edisound represent 2/3 of branded podcasts listens fromLouie Media, a Tier 1 studio in France. For Microsoft, Edisound is the SEM podcast solution, driving immediate visibility and creating strong impact on listens during the very first hours and days of the episode launch. Find out more here.


  1. Create an Edisound account

  2. Select the audiences to distribute your brand podcasts

  3. Import your episodes with Omny RSS

  4. Edit your line items with cost per listen, dates, capping, redirect

  5. Follow performance and track directly from your Omny analytics page, under the Playback destinations > Embed sites tab. This will list the download which occurred via the Edisound players embedded on their partners' websites e.g.:


Trailergram, from Amaze Media Labs, strategically promotes your podcast trailer alongside ads on top-tier publishers with contextually relevant articles to millions of potential listeners. Pricing is structured based on a guaranteed number of podcast trailer plays and Omny Studio publishers get 10% off their first campaign with code OMNY10.

Key services:

Using Trailergram, interested individuals can seamlessly listen or watch your podcast trailer, listen to episodes, and even opt-in to receive push notifications for your upcoming podcast episodes. This opt-in feature serves as a powerful retention and reminder tool, bringing your audience back to listen every time you drop a new episode.

Credentials: caters to podcasters of every scale, from independent creators to large networks. Case studies spanning different genres and investment levels are available here.


  1. Load your campaign

  2. Select your budget

  3. Set live

  4. IAB valid downloads will be visible in your Omny as Mobile Browser Downloads across various browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Mozilla) or via Embed sites if applicable

Stampede Social

Stampede Social enables you to increase your podcast listens on Instagram, by replacing 'link in bio' with one-click access to episodes via automated Instagram DMs. See how it works, in this article. Omny publishers receive 25% off any plan with code TRITON25.

Key services:

  • Instagram Automated DM technology to drive listeners with engagement from posts/reels/IG LIVE/stories, without using 'link in bio'.

  • Post-level Giveaways

  • AI Engagement tools

  • Analytics

Credentials: Founder started one of the first web development firms in the country and led digital strategy and consumer engagement for a billion-dollar QSR company.


  1. Enter promo code: TRITON25 for 25% off any plan

  2. After sign-up authenticate your Business/Creator IG account with Stampede Social

  3. Create your first auto-DM campaign.

  4. Add the Call-to-action to a post/reel and let automation start delivering URLS to your fans DM’s

Contact: with questions or enterprise enquiries.

The Podglomerate

Between optimizing production, growing audience, and selling more ads… you have a lot on your plate! But what if there were an agency that could help? Enter The Podglomerate, the award-winning podcast services firm specialized in production, marketing, and monetization of outstanding content.

Since its start in 2017, The Podglomerate has grown to represent more than 70 podcasts accounting for more than 30 million monthly downloads, with shows topping the podcast charts and receiving features on every major podcast distribution app with national coverage across print, digital, radio, and television. The Podglomerate’s guiding principle is to meet the podcast audience where they are, using a data-driven approach to provide marked growth for some of the biggest podcasts in the world, in addition to being the production home to an acclaimed slate of original podcasts, including Podcast Perspectives and the company’s Signal Award-winning podcast Missing Pages, as well as The Podglomerate’s slate of client podcasts.

Key services:

  • Podcast production

  • Podcast marketing and audience development

  • Podcast monetization

Credentials: The Podglomerate’s high-profile list of podcast clients includes the perennially chart-topping and award-winning podcast Freakonomics Radio, NHPR’s “Bear Brook” (named the best true crime podcast by Stephen King) and “The 13th Step” (named a finalist for the 2024 duPont-Columbia University Awards and featured as a best podcast of 2023 by The New Yorker, NPR, Vogue, Vulture, and Paste), and Magnificent Noise's "This Is Dating" (named "one of the best podcasts of 2022" by Vulture), as well as PBS, NPR, Harvard, Stanford, MIT, NPR stations (including WHYY, WUNC, LAist/KPCC, KUOW, and more), Forever Dog, iHeart, Substack, Expedia, Lit Hub, American Public Television, Optum, CVS Health, Hubspot, A+E Networks, The History Channel, Lifetime, Lit Hub, and The Progress Network, among many others.

Process: Email with your ideas and goals to grow your podcast.

Paid podcast app promotion

A number of podcast apps offer the ability to purchase advertising on their platforms. A non-exhaustive list is below:

* Note: the information included on this page is self-reported by the solution providers and its accuracy, completeness or usefulness is not independently verified by Omny Studio. Omny Studio does not state nor imply that any solution provider’s products or services are endorsed, sponsored or recommended by Omny Studio, or are considered, by Omny Studio, to be superior to any other products or services. Omny Studio does not make, and expressly disclaims, any and all warranties, express or implied, in regard to any information, product, or service furnished by any solution provider, including without limitation any and all implied warranties or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Your use of any information, products or services shall be at your own sole risk and in no event shall Omny Studio be liable for any damages resulting from any use thereof. We recommend you conduct your own due diligence and research before making any decisions based on the information presented on this page.

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