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Linking video metadata to a clip (episode)
Linking video metadata to a clip (episode)

Reference self-hosted video content in Omny Studio APIs.

Written by Hamish Orchard
Updated over a week ago

This document will explain how to reference your self-hosted video content (a reminder that Omny Studio does not store/serve video files) as metadata against a clip in Omny Studio.

Using Custom Fields to link a video URL

You can use Omny's Custom Fields to link an audio clip (episode) with external systems used to store video content, allowing you to enhance the accessibility of video content and customise user experiences.

First, you will need to setup your Custom Field. You can this by selecting "Program settings" in the left-hand menu and custom fields in the adjacent menu then following the steps in this help doc.

Now we will explain the steps to add metadata to a clip in Omny Studio, to reference video content.

Upload audio and link a video URL

  1. Navigate to the Clips (Episodes) menu in Omny Studio and select "Upload Audio" to add a new clip. Or select an existing clip and choose "Edit details".

  2. Select the details tab and scroll down to Custom Fields, which allows you to attach additional information to clips. This field will serve as a reference to indicate where the video content is stored or associated.

    Note: The Custom Field must be created before you can input a URL. Refer to the Custom fields help document to set this up.

  3. Enter the URL of the associated video into the custom field and click save changes to apply the change.

Alternatively, you can populate this custom metadata through the API. Please take a look at the information about our API here.

Accessing the metadata

To make this metadata accessible, you can expose it in either the consumer API or the RSS feed. The associated data becomes part of the clip’s public representation by enabling this in the custom field definition.

Custom applications or websites can then consume this metadata.

Developers can retrieve the custom field data programmatically using the Omny Consumer API. The metadata can also be included in the RSS feed associated with the clip. This approach allows custom apps or websites to display and render the video content as desired, leveraging the additional context provided by the custom field.

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