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The complete guide to understanding Omny Studio's consumption analytics.

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Have you ever wanted to track the average time spent listening for all episodes within your network? Or see where where your audience stops listening on an individual episode? Omny Studio's Consumption Analytics allows publishers to do this and more!

Gain an insight into how listeners are consuming and interacting with your published audio content on supported players with 'verified plays'.

What are 'verified plays'?

Verified plays are tracked listening sessions on supported players with at least 10 seconds of playback. By default, Omny Studio will track the amount of verified plays which occur via these players:

- Omny Studio embed clip players
- Omny Studio embed playlist players
- web players

Note that some devices and browsers are not compatible with consumption analytics which is unfortunately out of our control.

Verified plays are not generated from podcast apps such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify et al.

What consumption information can be viewed at a clip-level?

As demonstrated in the video above, at the clip level you can track audience retention, where listeners skip, where listeners stop playback and the average time spent listening.

More detailed information can be found here: Clip Consumption Analytics.

What consumption information can be viewed at an aggregate level?

You can also view consumption data aggregated at the program, network and organization level. This includes, the average time spent listening, the average clip completion rate and the total time spent listening.

More detailed information can be found here: Clip Consumption Comparison.

How can I track consumption information for my own player or app?

You can integrate Omny Studio's consumption analytics API to track your own player or apps. There are a number of custom sources which you can specify for separate tracking:

- Custom mobile apps
- Custom smart speaker

- Custom websites

- Custom

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