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Targeting a flight to a custom tag on a mid-roll ad marker
Targeting a flight to a custom tag on a mid-roll ad marker

Target a specific marker with a mid-roll tag

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It's possible to target a specific mid-roll marker or markers using the in OCM and in TAP. 

Tagging a mid-roll ad marker

Click 'edit' on a mid-roll marker you've placed. This will open a modal where you can add tags to the marker.

Targeting a custom ad marker in TAP

If you are a TAP user, please refer to the TAP user guide.

Targeting a flight to a mid-roll tag in OCM

Note: Omny Campaign Manager will be deprecated on June 30th, 2023. Please ensure you have downloaded your campaign reports before that date, as you will no longer have access to campaigns. Reach out to Support if you have any questions or need assistance.

During the process of setting up a flight, you can specify which programs and tag/s you'd like to target.

1. Head down to the delivery options here: 

2. Type the name of the tag/s (this needs to be exact) that you'd like to include or exclude.

3. Fill out the rest of your flight details and click Save.


Please note that a flight targeted to a mid-roll marker with no tag specified is eligible to be inserted at a tagged mid-roll marker. 

A flight which is targeted to a specific tag can only be inserted at those tagged markers.

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