It's possible to target a specific mid-roll marker or markers using the OCM tagging function. 

Tagging a mid-roll ad marker

Click 'edit' on a mid-roll marker you've placed. This will open a modal where you can add tags to the marker.

Targeting a flight to a mid-roll tag

During the process of setting up a flight, you can specify which programs and tag/s you'd like to target.

1. Head down to the delivery options here: 

2. Type the name of the tag/s (this needs to be exact) that you'd like to include or exclude.

3. Fill out the rest of your flight details and click Save.


Please note that a flight targeted to a mid-roll marker with no tag specified is eligible to be inserted at a tagged mid-roll marker. 

A flight which is targeted to a specific tag can only be inserted at those tagged markers. 

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