Duplicate an episode

If you have an episode in one program and want to also add it to another, here are the steps.

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Omny Studio is the tool of choice for many large enterprise publishers. And it's fairly common to want to add an episode to multiple RSS feeds. If these are RSS feeds controlled by playlists in the same program, then it's easy to add a clip to multiple playlists (learn more here).

But if you want to add an episode to a playlist in another program, there are two options.

1) Use cross-program playlist sharing rules (learn more here). Please note this option doesn't create another copy of the episode, but simply adds the original file to the destination feed. Download analytics will still count towards the original program. Due to this being rules-based, if individual episodes are looking to be shared then either a rule will have to be created for each episode, or Custom Fields can be used to construct a rule.

2) The simpler way is to simply download the clip, and upload it to the other program it's looking to be added to. This will create another copy of the file, download analytics will be counted individually to each program the clip is added to, and does not involve creating cross-program playlist sharing rules.

To do so:

Go to the clip in Omny Studio, if it is in another state than Private, it can be downloaded. Please note that if DAI is active, 'Do not burn-in ads' should be ticked to avoid dynamic ad insertion.

Once the clip is downloaded, these steps can be followed to upload the clip to the appropriate program, where it can be added to the playlist and published.

These are the ways to publish the same content across multiple programs in Omny Studio.

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