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How to set up a new podcast in Omny Studio.

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If you're new to podcasting - welcome! Here are the basics: A podcast is essentially an RSS feed. This RSS feed is what you give to listening platforms (iTunes, Google Play, Tunein etc.) and it tells these platforms the details of your Podcast (title, description, artwork, categories etc.) and where the episodes can be downloaded (and their episode titles, descriptions, artwork etc.)

If you need to create your first program, here's the steps.

If you need to import your podcast from another host, here's the steps.

In Omny Studio, you get the RSS feed you need from the Playlist tab, on the left hand side, of a Program. Playlists are a collection of clips (which can be the episodes of your podcast) and each playlist in Omny Studio generates its own RSS feed.

In Omny Studio playlists are very versatile (Learn more about playlists here) - you can create a playlist of all your clips as a podcast, or group clips by topic or theme. You can create multiple playlists, and embed them on your website.

If you already have a podcast and are moving to us from a different hosting provider, you can import your podcast by following the instructions here

Creating a playlist

Your Omny Studio account comes with a default playlist, called the name of your program and the word Podcast. For example, if your program was called "Omny Studio" your default playlist is called "Omny Studio Podcast". If you want to edit the details of an existing playlist, click on the playlist and select the Details tab.
You can also, create a new Playlist by clicking on Playlists (Podcasts) on the left-hand-side of your organisation and clicking New Playlist

Note, you don't need to create a new playlist for every episode of a Podcast, you just add the new episodes to your existing playlists.

Adding your first episode to your Podcast

Now your Podcast is created, you're ready to add your first episode!

Launching your podcast

Once you've published your first episode and added it to your Playlist, you're ready to launch! You can grab your RSS feed from here or easily submit to directories using our integrations with podcast apps.

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